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C-MORE Science Kits: Plankton
From the Center for Microbial Oceanography: Research & Education, this kit explores plankton and their global importance through four lessons (Introduction to Plankton, Design Your Own Phytoplankton, Zooplankton Microscopy Lab, and Phytopia) and an optional extension activity (Build Your Own Plankton Net). Appropriate for grades 3-12, each lesson contains a teacher guide, student worksheet(s) and answer keys.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school

Ocean Gazing Podcast: Sonar in the Sea
On this episode of Ocean Gazing, meet Kelly Benoit-Bird, an assistant professor at Oregon State University. She says, "I work on all different kinds of animals in the ocean, everything from the smallest animals the zooplankton all the way up to the biggest the great whales. I get my ideas often from watching the water and seeing what animals are doing and trying to ask why." After listening to the podcast, download the Bridge DATA lesson plan "Coral Snapshots: Biodiversity in Marine Protected Areas." Ocean Gazing is a podcast series produced by the Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence Networked Ocean World (COSEE NOW).
Grade Level: Middle school,High school,Undergraduate lower division,Undergraduate upper division

High school level and higher description of plankton with pictures. Page is full of fantastic photographs each featuring a descriptive caption. Topics discussed include how plankton are sampled, ecology, and satellite imagery. Both phytoplankton (plant plankton) and zooplankton (animal plankton) are featured.
Grade Level: High school, Undergraduate lower division

Introduction to the Ctenophora
An introduction to ctenophores, or "comb jellies". Site includes links to information on Cnidarians (jellyfish, etc.), echinoderms, and sponges.
Grade Level: High school

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