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Sea Turtles

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Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation
This extensive site describes the population status of each U.S. sea turtle species and how they are protected by law. Each species' scientific name, biology, threatened or endangered status, description, human impacts, population trends, distribution, and photos are documented. Read the downloadable Recovery Plans for each species, as well as learn about turtle legislation. Site also features reports and proceedings from various sea turtle symposia and conferences.
Grade Level: Middle school,High school,Graduate or professional

Bridge - Sea Turtle Science
Developed by Virginia Sea Grant educators for the Bridge, this research-based middle and high school classroom resource has information on the sea turtle species found in the Atlantic, an article on sea turtle nesting behavior, and the classroom activity Survivor!. Survivor! examines the survival rate of a nest of 100 loggerhead sea turtle eggs through the different life cycle stages.
Grade Level: Middle school,High school

Virginia Sea Grant: Sea Turtle Science
This packet includes background information, quick facts, links to additional sea turtle resources, and a classroom modeling activity titled "Survivor!" that demonstrates population estimation, life history, and hatching success rates.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school

Tracking Sea Turtles
Classroom activity introduces the biology of sea turtles, population status, human impacts. Focuses on Kemp's ridley (Lepidochelys kempii), smallest and more endangered of sea turtle species. This teacher's guide provides NOAA tracking data and instructions for students to follow the migration routes of six turtles in the Gulf of Mexico. Links to related activities using satellite data.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school

Folly Beach Turtle Watch Program
Nesting data for loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta caretta) using this South Carolina beach. Entries include: location, date discovered, number of eggs, expected and actual hatch dates, percent hatched, and photos. Data archives extend back to 1998. Site also includes information: on what you can do to help nesting turtles, strandings, impacts of beachfront construction on sea turtles, and a photo collection of turtle nesting.
Grade Level: General public, Middle school, High school

Sea Turtle Survival League Educator's Guide
A sub-page of the Caribbean Conservation Corporation & Sea Turtle Survival League, this site includes information on how to download a free educator's guide for the sea turtle migration-tracking education program (is a cost if you need it mailed). Also information on the project background, how satellite telemetry works, and the current tracking projects. Here, you can download data and maps to plot turtle migration.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school

An educational and research database for the conservation and biology of Mediterranean sea turtles. Includes information on sea turtle biology, classification, natural & manmade threats, conservation groups, and an identification key. Educational activities include online data, a computer game, online quizzes, and animated bone dissections. Maps and data from Esmeralda, a satellite-tracked Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas), are available for viewing and plotting. Detailed accounts of all 8 species of sea turtle are also available.
Grade Level: General public, Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school

Sea Turtles
Sea World informational resource on all eight species of sea turtles. Excellent introduction to sea turtles including information on their classification, habitat, diet, reproduction, and much more. Includes photographs and illustrations throughout. Features two teaching activities for grades K-2.
Grade Level: Primary elementary, Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school
Containing a newsletter, image library, discussion forums, directory, sea turtle related job information, and other turtle resources, this site is a one-stop shop for sea turtle information. The highlight of the site is the turtle tracking section where you can follow turtles in near-real time all over the world. The site also contains map making tools and membership and donation information. A word of the day is also presented, complete with an archived glossary.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school, Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division, Graduate or professional, General public

Caribbean Conservation Corporation/ Sea Turtle Survival League
Contains sources of information on sea turtles, tropical birds, and other species in the Caribbean basin and the Costa Rica rainforests. Site includes information on satellite telemetry, satellite-tracked sea turtles data and maps, and sea turtle legislation. Directions, data, and other materials available allow you to create your own maps. Free printable publications available. Also information on grants, workshops, donations, and volunteer opportunities.
Grade Level: General public, Middle school, High school

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