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Estuary Live!
Classrooms and individuals can log on to participate in a real-time field trip to a National Estuary Research Reserve. Ask questions, view live video and still images, and learn about estuaries from experts. Topics range from geology to water quality, estuary plants and animals, and cultural heritage. Includes: references and lesson plans, classroom activities and teachers' guides. Archives of previous years are available, featuring sessions from East, West and Gulf Coast estuaries.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school

Exploring the Estuary! A Teacher's guide to the New York New Jersey Harbor Estuary Region
This teacher's guide to the estuaries of New York Harbor, introduces what estuaries are and the organisms found in estuaries. It provides sample activities and lesson plans for K-12 classrooms and provides a directory of estuary-related organizations in the New York Harbor region.
Grade Level: Primary elementary, Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school

Volunteer Estuary Monitoring
This online method manual from EPA describes how to conduct estuary monitoring programs, with step-by-step guides for chemical, physical and biological sampling and data interpretation. Also describes how to plan and maintain a volunteer force, with tips on liability and financial issues, volunteer recruiting training and retention. Addresses quality assurance so that results have weight. Provides an overview of estuarine science, threats to estuaries and some solutions.
Grade Level: General public, High school

Estuary Education
Teachers can use the interdisciplinary nature of estuaries to teach many different topics. Educators and the lifelong learners can utilize this site to learn all about the country's different estuaries and why they are so important to our ecosystem. Educators can take their students on a virtual field trip via the EstuaryLive telecasts. The site also includes the Estuaries 101 curriculum, student and educators opportunities, and many additional resources.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary,Middle school,High school, Undergraduate lower division, General public

National Estuary Program
Estuaries are places where rivers meet the sea and are critical to the health of coastal environments and our enjoyment of them. Website features abundant information on the legal and scientific aspects of estuary preservation. Includes guidelines, program profiles, and a shorter version in Spanish. Resources for teachers and students include games and activities. External links to additional programs also provided.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school

Exploring Estuaries
Defines estuaries and related habitats, reviews their roles in coastal ecology and in supporting human activities. Virtual tours provide history and introduce ecology of representative plans and animals. Presents current threats to estuaries and their wildlife and explains the role of EPA's National Estuary Program in protecting these important coastal resources. Includes: teachers' page with resources and links; games, coloring sheets and glossary for kids.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school

North Carolina National Estuarine Research Reserve
This website has a wealth of resources on North Carolina's estuaries including lesson plans, field guides, field trips opportunities, professional development opportunities and online water and weather data. Site also features EstuaryCam, a live shot of Beaufort Inlet. Downloadable video is available of lessons, events, and workshops.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school, Graduate or professional

National Estuarine Research Reserve System Lesson Plans
A collection of curricula, lesson plans, and activities about the science, ecology, and natural history of estuaries, developed by some of the National Estuarine Research Reserves. Topics range from habitats like eelgrass meadows, mud flats, salt marshes, and mangrove swamps, to water chemistry and circulation, to geologic settings, to natural and cultural resources, to public policy. Includes lessons for grades K-12, as well as complete modules for middle school and high school.
Grade Level: Primary elementary,Intermediate elementary,Middle school,High school

Restore America's Estuaries
This non-profit organization promotes the restoration and protection of America's estuaries. Projects encompass scientific research, education and community-based action, including restoration by school youngsters, as well as policy initiatives at the national level. An introduction to estuaries contains concise definitions, value in ecology and economics, current threats, and elements of restoration. Also offers: links to educational resources; news and photo gallery; a CD-rom guide to estuarine restoration.
Grade Level: General public, Middle school, High school

Resources for Educators from Northeast Florida Sea Grant
This site contains powerpoint presentations, activities and field guides designed for use in coastal northeast Florida. Topics include estuaries, beaches, coral reefs, coastal plants, and youth, teacher and adult programs.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary,Middle school,High school,Graduate or professional

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