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Endangered Species

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ES 2000: Endangered Species of the Next Millennium
This extensive student-designed site provides an excellent overview of endangered species issues. Defines “endangered” and related terms, and provides background on biological classification, evolution and history of extinction. Outlines causes of population decline and provides case studies. Covers the importance of maintaining biodiversity and the impacts of species loss. Site includes: an A-Z listing of endangered species; images; videos and audio files; facts and quotes. Appropriate for grades 5 and up.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school, General public

Endangered Species
Animal Information Database strives to provide an enthusiastic, imaginative, and intellectually stimulating atmosphere to help students reach their academic potential. Site features information on endangered species and various organizations and laws pursuing their protection. Includes list of acronyms, bibliography, index, and one classroom activity. External links to affiliates also provided.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school

Endangered Species on EE-Link
This site by the North American Association for Environmental Education provides selected links to webpages about endangered species issues and educational resources. Search endangered and threatened species lists for a specific animal, get endangered species facts and photos, research causes, find information on extinct animals. Includes links to U.S. laws and policy, U.S. and international conservation agencies, publications, news and how to take action.
Grade Level: High school

Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative Education Resources
GoMRI's education site is a constellation of K-12 resources orbiting around the effects of oil spills on marine and coastal environments - especially in the wake of Deepwater Horizon. The lessons, activities, videos, and other materials draw nice connections to more general topics, such as ocean currents, wetlands, coral reefs, plankton and pelagic food webs, and cutting edge marine research from blue water cruises to AUV's.
Grade Level: Primary elementary,Intermediate elementary,Middle school,High school
Containing a newsletter, image library, discussion forums, directory, sea turtle related job information, and other turtle resources, this site is a one-stop shop for sea turtle information. The highlight of the site is the turtle tracking section where you can follow turtles in near-real time all over the world. The site also contains map making tools and membership and donation information. A word of the day is also presented, complete with an archived glossary.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school, Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division, Graduate or professional, General public

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