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Marine Science Careers
Full-color four-page publication that describes the many careers that are available in marine science and how to become a marine scientist. Free download.
Grade Level: Middle school,High school

Oceanography Careers-Women in Marine Sciences
Introduces the careers of several women in oceanography. Each woman has followed a different path and offers unique insights about her profession. Learn how each goes about her daily work and contributes to understanding the ocean. Careers range from research scientists and professors to technical and support crew. Disciplines covered: marine chemistry, sealife, microbiology, geology and geophysics, research ship operations, scientific illustration. Profiles feature video, work week description, resume and more. An Exploratorium Cool Site Award Winner.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school

Sea Grant Marine Careers
Excellent site introduces careers in marine biology, oceanography (biological, chemical, physical, geological), ocean engineering, related fields like marine educator, fisherman. Profiles of professionals in each discipline demonstrate the diversity of people working in marine science. Valuable advice from experts on how to prepare. Career Outlook and Salaries describe what to expect for positions in academia, industry, government and other arenas. Helpful FAQ section; Resources and Links list job search information, internships and more.
Grade Level: High school

Strategies for Pursuing a Career in Marine Mammal Science
This site addresses questions commonly asked by people seeking a career in marine mammal science in the United States and provides suggestions on how to plan education and work experience. The format is a series of questions and answers with abundant links to others sites. Purpose of this page is not only to help a student decide if a career is appropriate, but also to provide access to job offerings.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school, Undergraduate lower division

Careers & Jobs in Marine Biology & Oceanography
Portal with around 80 links to universities, zoos, aquariums, organizations, private parks, and research institutions. The purpose is to provide advice for those interested in a career in the marine or aquatic sciences, and also to compile postings for jobs, post docs, traineeships, and internships specific to the marine and aquatic sciences.
Grade Level: High school, Undergraduate lower division

A Career Guide to Marine Mammal Training
This free, interactive and independent website has been conceived and designed by working marine mammal professionals to provide accurate, hard to find information and rare behind the scenes views and insights into the fascinating world of marine mammal care and training. The site includes career information, photos and videos, a fact vs fiction section, and extensive information on the bottlenose dolphin.
Grade Level: High school, General public
This site provides information on: ocean science career opportunities, the knowledge and skills required to enter these careers, where students can gain the necessary education, ocean science employers, and much more. It also includes all the necessary information to lead educators and students to resources on furthering education and joining the marine science work force.
Grade Level: Middle school, High school, Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division, Graduate or professional, General public

Project FLOW (Fisheries Learning On the Web)
FLOW is a comprehensive curriculum about the Great Lakes ecosystem. Lessons are geared toward educators who teach upper elementary and middle school students. Each lesson is aligned with national and state curriculum standards for science and social studies and features a hands-on classroom activity. Lessons cover topics such as: food webs, nonindigenous species, watersheds, water quality, fish identification, fish habitat, preserving biodiversity, and water-related careers.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school

National Council for Agricultural Education Aquaculture Curriculum Guide
Five core curriculum modules covering the basics of fresh and saltwater aquaculture are supplemented by species-specific lessons and units addressing sustainability. This comprehensive curriculum is suitable for high school, technical school, and undergraduate courses.
Grade Level: High school, Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division, Graduate or professional

Teaching Great Lakes Science
This website features a suite of lessons, activities and data sets all focused on various scientific aspects of the Great Lakes. Throughout the website, you will find usable data sets, an overview of teaching methods, and ready-to-go lessons and activities. Any of these resources may be easily incorporated into formal and informal educational settings and many are multidisciplinary.
Grade Level: Intermediate elementary, Middle school, High school

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