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Disposal of Unwanted Medicines: A Resource for Action in Your Community
Unintended consequences of disposal of unwanted medicines represent an emerging concern for the environment and public health. This toolkit provides essential information for educators and the public to have a clear understanding of this issue. Chapters include an overview of the issue (PowerPoint); case studies of take back programs;how to hold a successful community collection event; materials for public outreach and education; legislation regarding medicine disposal and donation of unwanted medicine; and a bibliography of literature on pharmaceutical chemicals and the environment.

Sea Grant Program: Illinois-Indiana
Grade Level: Middle School, High School, Graduate or professional

Sensible Disposal of Unwanted Medicines: A 4-H Guide
This guide provides an opportunity for youth to understand the impacts of chemicals entering our waterways. Through numerous activities, 4-H members (and students in school) will learn how to inform others on disposing of medications properly. In addition, youth will be helping to reduce identification theft and protect aquatic organisms. 4-H’ers will serve as important agents for change in people’s habits and actions regarding the sustainability and preservation of our environment.

Sea Grant Program: Illinois-Indiana
Grade Level: Middle School, High School

The Medicine Chest: A collection of safe disposal curriculum activities and service-learning resources
A compilation of multidisciplinary, standards-based classroom lessons, sample stewardship activities, and background information for teachers and high school students on how the improper disposal of unwanted medicines can be harmful to people, pets, and the environment. Through use of this classroom instructional resource, students will serve as "agents for change" providing useful information to family members and various community sectors.

Sea Grant Program: Illinois-Indiana
Grade Level: High school,Graduate or professional

Bridge DATA - Waves: An Alternative Energy Source
Evaluate the feasibility of wave energy as a practical alternative energy source using ocean observing system (OOS) buoys.

Sea Grant Program: Virginia Sea Grant
Grade Level: High school, Undergraduate lower division

Dune Book
This comprehensive booklet from North Carolina Sea Grant explains what sand dunes are and how they work, their zonation, plant species and ecology. Provides information on dune erosion, vegetation types, planting and management practices. Also covers beaches, waves and shoreline processes that affect dunes, as well as human interactions. Includes good line illustrations.

Sea Grant Program: North Carolina Sea Grant
Grade Level: General public, Middle school, High school, Undergraduate lower division, Undergraduate upper division

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